Something Different: Poetry

I have never felt much confidence in my poetry, but some things need to be written as poems so I write them. Below is a random sample of my efforts.

The Passing
for Mark

Go now.
Fly away from us little bird
Time now to move on.
Thank you for sharing
Your lopsided grin,
And fierce warm hugs.
Thanks for the droopy-drawer mornings
On the front sidewalk with your big wheel.
Thanks for the sharing.
Go now.
Fly away.
Find another place
Where Mom has her chocolate chip cookies
And they’re always upside down.

Morning Song

In the morning
Before the dawn has come
The early birds cheer
Their hero’s safe return
And throw confetti at the sun.

Love Like a Sapling Grows

Love like a sapling grows
But it must be tended well.
A planted seed will never flower
If not well-watered;
Will fail to fruit
If not fed in fertile soil.
Yet, some times,
Like many growing things,
Love, even watered well and fed,
Withers and dies
For no reason we can ever know.
So we plant another seed
And try again.


Now it’s been said,
That angry word.
Both of us wish we hadn’t said it,
But both of us know the other heard it.

Now, we fall apart,
A shattered glass,
Fifteen years of a life together,
Years of a love to last forever.

Now, you lock the door.
I’ll turn in my keys,
And be the one who doesn’t love you.
You can be the one who doesn’t love me


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