short story, writing

Flash Fiction: “Wild Cows on Road.”

A piece of flash fiction I’ve been working on. This is inspired by an actual Highway Department sign north of my hometown. Submitted for your approval.

“Caution: Wild Cows on Road”

Do pay attention gentle citizen, for they will not watch for you, especially in the lonely hours of the morning after the waterholes have closed. Then they gather to dance along the shoulders of the highway and stumble across asphalt in twos and fours. Giggling off decorum, they disregard your mundane mores in favor of song.

Just drive on citizen. Be pleased your children sleep. Pretend you don’t see the antics.

Some will even flash udders at passing motorists in hopes of a beaded necklace or handful of alfalfa.

Look away, good citizen. Look away. We don’t want to encourage them.

And no, their mothers would not approve, but the cowboys certainly do.

Soon enough, the morning sun will find them with heads hung low over the nearest stream, swearing never again.


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