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Lineup Set For South Coast Writers Conference

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know how much I value the experience of attending a writers conference. There is quite frankly nothing you can do that better rekindles one’s enthusiasm and optimism than spending a few days surrounded by people who are struggling with the exact same battles you are.

I came to this belief after a close friend talked (badgered, nagged, wheedled) me into attending a small conference in my home town, the South Coast Writers Conference. I was so transformed by the experience that I volunteered to be part of the conference planning committee. I have been a part of that committee for more than ten years.

With no further ado, as part of the planning committee, I am pleased to announce the lineup of presenters for:

20th South Coast Writing Conference

The lineup is set for the 20th annual South Coast Writer’s Conference, in Gold Beach, Oregon. The conference is held every year on Presidents’ Day weekend, (February 12 and 13 this year) and provides the opportunity to devote a long weekend to writing and enjoying the natural beauty of the southern Oregon coast.

The South Coast Writers Conference is an eclectic gathering of writers in every genre and every level of expertise and features some of the American Northwest’s best writers holding workshops to share, explore, and celebrate every form of writing.

Workshop presenters this year are: Jason Brick, Barri Chase, Peter Brown Hoffmeister, Anne Osterlund, Bruce Holland Rogers, Heidi Schulz, Eric Witchey, Carolyne Wright, and Miriam Gershow. They will be joined by songwriters Kate Power and Steve Einhorn.

Workshops are scheduled to begin on Friday, February 12, with participants selecting one of three day-long seminars. Workshops continue Saturday, February 13, with twenty, ninety-minute workshops offered over four time slots throughout the day.

The fee for the Friday workshop alone is $55.00. The fee for the Saturday workshops alone is $60.00. The fee for both Friday and Saturday workshops is $115.00. Early registration is encouraged to secure a seat in participants’ desired workshop.

More information on the conference and the workshops offered this year can be found on the conference website: http://www.socc.edu/scwriters.


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